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Actualizada: Mayo 2011

Congratulations you are part of a small percentage of Americans who actually want to free themselves from debt. It is a great choice to take a stance against your credit cards debts. Today in the United States the Federal Government continues tighten the lending tactics of banking institutions. Also the Federal Trade Commission has enforced rules on companies who scam United states citizens. Do not feel alone, many Americans are coming together and realizing financial institutions have been taking advantage of consumers.

Latinos Libre de Deudas- Division of CRS Financial Services is 100% compliant with the U.S. A Federal trade commission. We follow every rule established through the government organizations within our industry. Our mission has been the same for 15 years: to help American families end credit card debt. Our leader and CEO Leonard Rubino is both a inspirational speaker and Financial Life coach. His mission is within-line with this company.

This is the online privacy policy for Latinos Libre de Deudas- Division of CRS Financial Services site. All the information we have in regards to you is saved safely on our servers and it's used by us simply to identify your physical area and also to connect you together, as referred to within our Conditions and terms for you, to counselors in order to review your unsecure financial obligations and supply credit cards debts services for you and also to provide ongoing communications for you in furtherance of those legal services, so that as established below. We are determined to protect our clients , we won't share your individual information with other people without your permission. Your Information is private and we can never talk about it with any other 3rd party without your permission. We describe our information collection and disclosure practices in greater detail below. Like a plan to our clients, we might periodically send news letters along with other communications with information while offering we believe may appeal to you. Should you not want to get these offers, you might opt out anytime by using the Opt-Out Instructions, below.

La Informaciín Que Recolectamos

We collect private information in regards to you in three principal ways:information you provide us through this website, info that's instantly produced if you use our Site and knowledge we have from organizations. Info You Provide To Us: Whenever you submit a request an appointment for credit cards debts on this website, we collect information with the form. Your Data is stored privately.

La Seguridad de su Informaciín

We take reasonable measures to safeguard your data on our servers. Please realize that if you, under your own accord disclose private information online (for example with an email message or through completing a web-based form), these details can't be made 100 % secure and, in some instances, that information could be intercepted, collected, and utilized by others. However we spend thousands of dollars to avoid this!

Más Sobre Nuestro Servicio

Taking part credit cards debts companies, to supply the service offered through this website, we'll forward your data towards the debt company or lawyer recognized whenever you complete our form and ask for an appointment to ensure that we contact you with the best specialist. For us to review your credit cards debts, and also to see how to fully handle your case. Whenever you submit your request, you consent release of the information to that particular debt relief company. Included in this method, the lawyer or lawyer concurs and also hardwearing. Credit card debt information is private and we agree to not share it with any 3rd party without your express permission.

Instrucciones para Desuscribirse

You might opt-out by delivering a email to business@crsfinancial.net. This opt-out doesn't affect communications we now have along with you to accomplish your order or supply the service you asked for. Understand, however, that, by choosing this method, you might limit the functionality of this website and the quantity of information and services we are able to provide for you. You might revoke your opt-out option anytime by getting in touch with us while using information provided above. To opt-out simply inform us which current email address you would like unsubscribed.

Updates to the online Privacy Policy

Every once in awhile, Let's Forget Debt might wish to alter the provisions of the online privacy policy and that we reserve the authority to achieve this without warning. We'll always publish our current Online Privacy Policy to this website.

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